November 10th 2023 archive

I’m glad this is going in the direction that it is.

Regarding the “non-profit” that I mentioned in the most recent post to this, her state’s Attorney General has taken over a lot of the investigation because she got so many donations that she did not use for their intended purposes that she can be charged with fraud. Donations are, however, pouring in to the actual rescue that took all of the surviving cats from her property when they were retrieved, and that is exactly how it should be. As stated, the woman in the case was able to bail herself out yesterday pending arraignment — she laugh reacted a few comments people made in horror about what she had done in the name of her “non-profit rescue charity” (which was screenshot), then began to massively delete things and go into hiding. This shouldn’t become something that she can just walk or run away from, especially if that means moving to a new state, changing the name that she goes by, and lying like this again to get folks to donate.

That said, I continue to be glad that her state’s Attorney General is taking this matter seriously.