I refuse to call Twitter X now. I just refuse to.

In case anyone’s been wondering, the convicted pedophile who I’ve mentioned reporting in here for ban evasion has had two of his accounts reinstated by the “safety and security” team that works under Musk. He continues to ban evade because he continues to have suspended accounts, but none of this surprises me — or any of the rest of the people who have been reporting him to Twitter, just to watch Twitter ignore those reports for weeks or months on end or claim that he “isn’t violating community standards” (or whatever they’re calling their terms and service now). It doesn’t bother me that more and more people have been leaving Twitter over the months because I’ve been able to keep in touch with most of them through other social networking sites, and I’ve continued to give BlueSky codes out as my account generates weekly codes.

Twitter used to be a reputable news and social networking site… which Musk has run into the ground now.

It’s sad when someone’s local police department has been more effective in controlling their behavior (harassment and threats) than the social networking site they’re not even supposed to be on has, and that has been mentioned to Twitter numerous times to no avail. This man’s police department has begun to advise people calling in about his harassment and threats — even though they do continue to do well checks on him for that harassment and those threats — to contact their own police departments about filing restraining orders against him. As willing as I am to do this if it comes down to it, my only concern is that it might be an initial waste of time that concludes with his subsequent incarceration because we all know he’s going to deny that these restraining orders ever get issued and refuse to cooperate until he is incarcerated.

As much as I don’t want to give this sick man further attention by naming him in this blog to the point my blog posts then become searchable by naming him, I will consider it if his behavior gets more depraved.

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