We’ll eventually get our hands on a Steam Deck.

Well, the person that I tried to buy Bub a Steam Deck from tried to scam me, but they didn’t get very far in the process. Within minutes of me making the initial purchase from them and sending them a question about shipping, they closed their entire eBay account in response, refused to answer e-mails from me about the status of the item, and have so far refused to answer PayPal’s inquiries about the status of the item or whether or not they are even going to ship it (they’re not). As soon as they made it clear that they were not going to respond to any of the e-mails that were sent to them, I had PayPal place a hold on the transaction money and begin to investigate it on their end. Through eBay, PayPal can see when they closed their entire account in response and how they have refused to answer any inquiries about the item though. I am in the process of being refunded for the item now. So I’ve been searching for another appropriately priced one…

I’m not going to have to pay more than I have to for one of these (and at that, the 512GB one, because let’s face it, Bub has amassed a tidy collection of games over the years), but at the same time, I just want to find one for a decent price. I can finance it on PayPal Credit and then pay off more than the minimum over the course of several months, so there is that. That’s always kind of been my plan going into this to raise my credit score beyond what it is. Having, and raising, a credit score has always been an American problem.

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