Am I going to do this again? I don’t know.

So, not too long ago I had the first of what is supposed to be two nerve ablations to the back of my head to see if this stymies migraine pain. They numbed the back of the left side of my head after liberally applying chlorhexidine to it, which I liked a lot because numbing it with lidocaine (did they also use dexamethasone? I don’t know) has immediate effects on any pain that I may be having. Once that fully took, they inserted probes into the back of my head that I did not even feel that sent pulses to the left side of my occipital nerves over the course of four minutes. Once I was done I was done. The probes were removed, I was bandaged up, and I was good to go. Getting home was… fun, though, especially once the local anesthetic wore off and everything hurt. I was told that the nerve “healing” would hurt a bit, but then it would stop hurting because it would not be able to communicate feelings of pain (or as effectively, anyway), but we’re still in the part of that where it hurts, I feel a whole lot of pressure, my body is trying to make sense of what happened, and I don’t like the feelings that this is producing in the back of my head. Fioricet has not even helped me here.

I have literally had to take 40mg to 60mg of prednisone to make the back of my head feel tolerable.

I’m not sure if I’m going to have the right side of my head done if this is how the left side continues to feel.

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