Just in case all of one person wants a follow up.

In case anyone is following what I wrote about in my last post, Tumblr continues to interact with people online under the guise of selling itself as a “fandom-friendly” blogging site (this could be one of the furthest things in the world given that the security of their site is awful, that doxxing happens on their website, that they are aware that the doxxing happens, and they take absolutely no corrective action against it even when it happens to minors). I continue to be glad that Tumblr is one less thing that I have to check or update in the morning, although I think the majority of people that I followed and were friends with on it had probably caught onto the fact that I wasn’t substantially participating on anything that had to do with the site for like… the longest time bar the very, very occasional one-off. I prefer the sites that I use to have more substantial security, for one thing. And it’s becoming a little bit of a joke amongst my friends at this point.

I’m also a lot more comfortable not actively using a site whose data can effortlessly be leaked.

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