This is a new way to reinvent the wheel, I’ll admit.

Sometimes new players to Diablo II: Resurrected, or even people who played classic as infants younger versions of themselves, surprise me with the tactics that they come up with. One such tactic is seen in Secret Cow Level games on Hell difficulty, where… wait for it… everyone separates up and Magic Finds on their own against hordes of strong cows meant to be taken on in groups, which has historically always been the plan…


About that.

For people who play sorceresses, when you run out of mana you become a sitting duck. Playing a ranged character becomes difficult when you are the only one keeping cows off of you — better hope that you don’t run out of arrows, bolts, and to a slightly lesser degree, mana (since you can still fire arrows and bolts even if you are low on mana). You would have to drastically overlevel for Hell Cows to even remotely make this worthwhile, and yet this is still a thing. So this “separate to have better Magic Find” thing really confuses me.

Bub and I have a level sixty-six sorceress outfitted with Magic Find items, but we tend to play in groups.

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