He held this game for an entire hour, folks.

Soon enough, Bub will get the psychiatric evaluation that is required to start the behavioral therapy that he was referred to. This just appears to be something that his insurance, and most insurances, require. Whatever they can get from him that they can use in this therapy to help him better manage his emotions, learn to convey overwhelming ones to caregivers so that they can get him help, and start to recognize (and act on) the beginnings of meltdowns so that he remains safe and those around him remain safe, I am all for. These were the reasons that he was referred for behavioral therapy anyway, although they are also things that I would really like him to work on as well. It’s just a matter of finding days that are available for the behavioral health… team, I guess, taking those, and then utilizing them, which I have done. We’re waiting on appointments to come.

In the interim, I got Shin Megami Tensei V to play with Bub, and he hugged the game for an entire hour.

Somebody’s going to be happy, as he always is, when we find and are capable of summoning Jack Frost…

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