Next time maybe I’ll just go digital here.

Something that I got Monster was supposed to arrive yesterday, but was unexpectedly delayed with the last tracking scan being on the delivery truck… and now it says that it will be here by Monday. If I had known that there would be a delay like this while the thing was on the delivery truck of all places I might have, probably would have gotten it digital. It was meant to be one of the newest Pokemon games available since we’ve been playing them together since Monster was like… three, and since Bub was born. Sure, that will more than likely involve juggling space on the microSD cards, or games’ other internal storages, at some point, but it beats the alternative of shipping progressively getting slower on things (especially around the holidays).

If this doesn’t come, I will report it to FedEx as missing the first day that I am able to since it was supposed to come through FedEx, and then simply never get anything from Walmart again unless it’s in person or me doing something like picking up medications from Walmart… again, in person. What sucks is the fact that my insurance now allows most of our medications to be shipped to our house, which would be nice if it weren’t for the fact that FedEx would be the ones shipping and delivering them. Maybe I won’t take my chances…

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