Finally getting a leg up on this whole thing.

I found an internal e-mail address for HHSC’s family violence coordination unit that proved to be extremely useful, e-mailed the copy of the good cause form to them that the child support office continued to have on file, and expressed confusion to them about all of the conflicting things I’ve heard from… well, everyone responsible for not working these cases. The individual that I began to correspond with about this over e-mail was as confused as I was why HHSC “lost” the good cause waiver, why anyone was expressing concern that it was for both of my cases, and why the child support office was (or has been) attempting to work the cases. He said that he was looking into it “to see why this was even happening”, so it’s good to finally have someone in my corner who sees all of the confusion in this for precisely what it is: confusion.

If I could work, I would. There are many jobs out there that I would like to do… if I could do them. I made peace with being disabled several years ago, and it was a process. I know my body and I know my limits better than anyone, and I would appreciate it if more people actually respected this in the long term…

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