DoorDashing on Bub’s dime: Taco Bell!

This time, we opted to get Taco Bell instead of Subway.

I’m thinking that the next time we DoorDash, for variety’s sake I’ll make it McDonalds.

The Taco Bell order cost a bit more than the Subway one did, but Bub is clearly all about the bread life, and if anything is made with a whole lot of bread or tortilla in it… you can probably do the math and get to the root of how much munching he did. But it was nice that we got plenty of napkins and sauce packets (although you can specify how many sauce packets you want when making your order), because you tend to need both of those when you’re eating Taco Bell. And so far, I’m pleased as punch that the DoorDashers who have brought us our food so far have taken the time to read the message that I left them about not knocking or ringing our doorbell because it might scare the kids… as it is, in the app you can actually track where your order is, and by watching the app know when it’s been left on your step if you opt for contactless delivery.

So far, this has been a lot of fun, and my only regret is that we didn’t begin DoorDashing sooner.

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