I am continuing to fix the screw-ups that the state of Texas has caused, because it went from “HHSC can not find copies of the good cause forms”, that have been on file since 2014, to “according to someone working at the child support office in the capital, the form that was on file wasn’t even the right form in the first place”, even though it was accepted in 2014 and has functioned since then. It has just gotten to the point where I am now putting in a closure request on the cases each day to prove a point, to make sure that the state knows that I am not screwing around when it comes to the safety issues that would present themselves working either one of these cases, am regularly inquiring on the child support website about the status of the closures of the cases to continue to make that point, and have filed a complaint with the HHSC state ombudsman as well as several complaints about the Austin caseworker with the child support website. I figure that they can’t ignore all of these things, especially if I continue to escalate them. If I absolutely must (since Bub’s paternal grandmother is once again paying on her adult son’s order), I’m thinking that I will actively refuse all child support monies disbursed to me by sending it back to the State Disbursement Unit.

I shouldn’t be having to work this hard to keep my family safe from harm, but here we are, doing this again.

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