Spending the third stimulus check: round one.

Since I actually got this third stimulus check, and the proper amount of it all at once (me and two dependents), I spent some of it on a PlayStation 5 for Bub. I got it from a scalper for not too much over retail price, which was great. I also made sure to get one that had a disc drive because of the backwards compatibility that it boasts, and I began to download the digital versions of games that Bub had on the PlayStation 4 over to it. Needless to say, because of our Internet connection and the amount of games that he boasts over on the PlayStation 4, that took awhile… longer than I’d originally anticipated, but it got done.

I also got my glasses from Zenni Optical, and it only took me a day to get used to the new prescription.

Sadly, I could not get my old glasses in the new prescription from Zenni because they retired that frame (what?! how dare they), but I got a frame that was close enough to them that they will do. I was able to get the sunglasses (dark amber) in the same frame that I’ve been using for them, although they came in the mail two days after my regular glasses did… not quite sure how that happened, but hey, they got here and that’s what matters. I’m still a big fan of Zenni and will continue getting my glasses from them. They work for me.

But seriously, how dare they do this to me:

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