I am still fighting to get disability, folks.

Even though my disabilities are physical, it is almost always thrown in my face that I am “intelligent, so I can adapt to work”. Okay then, let me know how I can consistently work in spite of nearly blinding pain (or so the saying seems to go). I’ve had to take bursts of prednisone to break migraines that have lasted for days. I’ve had to wear sunglasses in the house to be able to cope with sources of light. But I’m “intelligent, so I can adapt to work”. I think not. The fact that this is even an excuse here just blows my mind in a really bad way.

At any rate, our stimulus check came just before everyone else that I know got theirs, and they actually counted both of my dependents and gave me the correct amount. That blew my mind in a good way. My rule with these is that as long as we don’t need anything that it can buy (since none of us are working and two of us actually get disability checks), I’ll spoil us with them. It’s the least I can do after we put up with Trump for four years. I was actually able to scalp us a PlayStation 5 for a great price given their shortage, and I got us some games that Bub is sure to enjoy. I also got myself some more cyberlox to wear. I mean, really, why not?

Soon I’ll make a list of the things that I’ve spent it on. I think I did that with the past two checks.

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