It took nine years for this to happen.

So I made an appointment with my primary care physician over a wound that would not heal. I began taking 60mg of prednisone to break a migraine that persisted in coming back in spite of my medication regimen for it with the intent to stop taking said prednisone once it had broken for twenty-four hours… you know, standard operating procedure here. Within a few days, I had noticed a wound beginning to form on my left leg that I thought was “chub rub”, as it certainly looked like it. I began to bandage and medicate it with Neosporin four times a day just to see another, smaller wound appear on my right leg. So I began to bandage and medicate that one as well, curious as to why they had appeared — and why, as a friend that saw them had stated, they looked like burn marks. Four weeks came and went without them healing at all. They didn’t get any worse, but they didn’t get any better, either. And frankly, they were kind of weird…

I had enough foresight to take pictures of them and save them on my phone, which I showed my doctor in lieu of having to take my yoga pants off since they were on the insides of my thighs. He became concerned that I had begun to develop steroid-dependent diabetes as a result of the nine years that I’ve done taking prednisone as needed and started me on some antibiotics in an attempt to help these wounds heal up. If they don’t, or if they heal very minimally, we’ll be talking wound care to the tune of having a skin graft placed on the worse one since it is causing me significant pain and is impairing my ability to sit normally. It’s weird.

I did some blood work for my doctor and will be getting the results of that (diabetes? no?) at my next visit.

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