I still don’t exactly like this doctor, to be honest.

I’m beginning to wonder if my (now third, and me changing them like I have has not been because I have wanted to) neurologist doesn’t remember anything at all about her patients and has to ask them the same questions because she doesn’t remember anything about them for… whatever reason, or it’s part of her doing intake to ask them the same question about the frequency and severity of their symptoms for whatever reason. At any rate, being reassured that I do not seem to be exhibiting medication overuse headache from any combination of medications that I have been on must have been reassuring to her, or it might have been the equivalent of “egg on your face”, at least if she’s the kind of person to accept humility. I’m not sure yet. She seems to think that olanzapine has been contributing to my weight gain more than lisinopril has, but given the history of me exhibiting the peculiar side effects to medications whenever I do exhibit side effects to them (is this a ginger thing? is this a me thing? could be both, could be synonymous), now she’s open to taking me off of the lisinopril at some point… but wants to give me the choice of continuing with the olanzapine because it has been effective single-dosing at ameliorating migraine pain.

And along that vein, I asked her if I could begin to take an anti-depressant (antidepressant? how do you write that out?) as a maintenance medication since certain ones show efficacy in diminishing migraine frequency and severity, so that’s what I’ve been doing. I have no shame about it, and I don’t feel any of the stigma. I am also weaning off of Trokendi because we have begun to speculate that with my migraine frequency and severity, it is no longer effective, so one of two things will happen: I will wean off of it and maintain the same frequency and severity, or I will find the lowest dose at which it continues to be effective.

Given that it has a side effect profile a mile and a half long, I do not mind this at all. I really do not mind.

So basically, I’ve been weaning and coasting to determine if there still is an effective dose for me for this.

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