Times this doctor took me seriously: 0

Bub would not leave some of the items that are a part of Baby’s First Altar (as I jokingly like to call it) alone, so now I have to put certain things out of reach when I know that I’m going to be running errands and he could sneak into my room long enough to… do things that he should not be doing. He is not amused about that, but I am also not amused at the fact that the garbage disposal and some of the pipes leading from it out of the house — not many, thank goodness, but some — had to be removed and cleaned because he stuck things down the garbage disposal thinking that it was funny. We had a long talk about how he needs to leave other people’s belongings alone, not to touch them unless he has been granted permission to do so (and “Baby’s First Altar” does not mean that he has carte blanche permission to muck about with things, especially if doing so means that he can damage them), and to please, please leave the garbage disposal alone, especially because this is not the first time that he has done this. He has a knack for shoving things down it right before he goes to bed, and then it gets used that following morning, and crunch. Why, child?

I am also no longer on the inhaled steroid that was causing me issues because my insurance would not cover the nebulized one that… wasn’t. Instead, we are trying a twice-daily actuated inhalation that also replaces the one that I was nebulizing. Because of the pandemic, we also want me to stay off of prednisone unless I absolutely can not avoid it. So because people, and politicians, could not and can not commit to staying at home to ride this out until it is much less of a concern, we had to make this decision for me. Sigh.

I see my neurologist later on this month, which I am not a fan of. Not only did she upend my prior neurologist’s plan of care for me, but she passively-aggressively charted it in my medical files. If it were easy to change to a new neurologist, I would do so. Depending on how future check-ups go, I may actually consider changing to the pain management clinic in this city and see if they can completely take on my care.

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