I’d like to see Facebook replaced, please…

I’ve already said it a few times, but Facebook needs to stop being the popular monolith that it is. Popular and well-known activists and advocates have found themselves getting reported and punished with “post blocks” with increasing frequency, escalating to account deactivations, while the people who need to have comments and posts taken down and their accounts deactivated are allowed to say nearly whatever they want (Facebook literally takes action once in a blue moon) without consequence. You can’t even contact them about this, and if you try to contact them about it on other social media sites that they use — like Mentioning them on Twitter — they completely ignore it because it makes them look bad, and acknowledging that they do it makes them look bad. They literally pretend that it doesn’t even happen.

And you conveniently can’t actually talk to a person to try and appeal these post blocks, and sometimes Facebook arbitrarily decides that you can’t “appeal” them. When I was most recently post and comment blocked for thirty days, I wasn’t even shown the comment that “violated” their terms and services… until a week after I was allowed to post and comment again. Miraculously, it then showed up, and it claimed that “Facebook could not prioritize an appeal”, even though I had not even been allowed to appeal the post and comment block to begin with. So on top of this, they lie about everything that happens to justify the block.

When Bub and I played Animal Crossing more, this made it a lot harder to use the Stalk Exchange.

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