I’m an adult now, everyone! I actually have credit!

Again, I am not being paid any money to make this post. These are just my opinions.

Remember how I mentioned using Kikoff to build credit since I’m… well, an adult, as old as I am, and have absolutely no credit? Well, as of this month I actually have credit? It’s only 614, but that’s better than the credit scores of a lot of people right now, and that’s definitely better than nothing. So I am very happy with this. That is actual proof that Kikoff reports to all three major credit bureaus in the United States. In a weird way, this makes me excited. On down the line, I might actually need to use this credit for whatever reason, even though I strongly prefer to pay up front for whatever we may need. I don’t like being “on the hook” for things and owing for them, especially if it’s a lot of money. And given that Millenials and Gen Z kids are less likely than ever to own their own home, let alone have their heads “above water” in the financial sense (thanks for that, Boomers… no, literally, thanks for that), having that mindset isn’t exactly a bad thing, heh.

Meanwhile, with bits and pieces of my economic stimulus check I’ve been adding to Baby’s First Altar, although if I have to be anywhere else in the house where Bub could in theory get to it I put everything where he can’t reach it. And given that he likes to hide certain things from me out of some peculiar sense of enjoyment, I’m keeping more smaller important items in my actual purse or carry-on bag. I’ve also gotten myself some nail polish “to spoil myself”, and I even bought myself some cyberlox because these are just me.

For some reason, Bub saw fit to take his emotion flash cards and hide them behind his brother’s bed. He also hid the key guard to his AAC device behind there. I found both. Why, Bub, why? Why must you do the thing?

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