Well… here goes nothing, right? Hope for the best?

After waffling on it for practically forever (even though I formally joined The Satanic Temple a few months ago), I put in an application to affiliate with my “local chapter”. And when I say this, what I really mean to say is the one that is the closest to me geographically since there is no actual chapter in my city. I’ve been a member of the “Friends of…” group on Facebook for awhile and made a few comments that have gone over well, so at the encouragement of friends and fellow Satanists I decided to try my luck with formal affiliation with my local chapter. Hopefully I hear something good back from them — that can take them a few weeks.

I was honest in the application and I did let them know that certain in-person events may have to… have Bub be worked around, because I’m the only caregiver who can competently chase him in the event that he attempts to elope from a situation, not to mention being the only one who consistently knows his cues and triggers. But there are still a lot of things that I can do online! I wouldn’t be the worst in the world at managing social networking pages, or as evidenced by this, even running a blog. I do know how to set up self-hosted WordPress like it’s no one’s business. Literally. So I can do a whole lot of things online as long as I have migraine medication on hand and my sunglasses depending on how long I need to use the computer or how long I have been using the computer. There are workarounds for this. I just need to find and use them.

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