Why, oh why, did I not notice this sooner?

I just realized that if you have an active Nintendo Online subscription (which we do, for the Switch), it gives you complimentary access to a lot of old games for the Nintendo and Super Nintendo free of charge. This has made my day… or probably, to be more accurate, in this case, a lot of days. I found out about this when I was adding more time to our Nintendo Online subscription, since it lets you add a bit more than a year to it — I kind of wish it let you add a bit more than that just so I could go on ahead and get it out of the way when we had spare funds around, but I digress, it is what it is — and I saw those. I checked them out. I was pleasantly surprised to find that out, because I didn’t even know about that up until that point. Heh…

Maybe I should have looked into that sooner, because I’m going to enjoy vegging out on all of this nostalgia.

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