One step closer to… whatever this is, honestly.

Since I had to get us this new laptop, I have been fighting for the better part of successfully loading everything else on it to get the camcorder to successfully be able to upload video without the video portion of it looking green, pixelated, and just plain weird. I am not sure why it was doing that, because it worked just fine with our last laptop (even when the keyboard didn’t). Working around my migraines, which slowed this down, I kept at it whenever I could mess with this… so a little bit here, a little bit there, sometimes nothing at all here and there. But I think I actually made progress making it so that recorded video can now actually get on this computer! That only took how long now? But all I have to do is get the date stamp to go away on videos, because for some reason it’s showing a date of 2018 (and, I mean, if I can’t, as long as I can upload videos… whatever, I’ll gladly accept that), and I think I’ve actually gotten to the point where I can now get videos from the camcorder to this computer without screwing up the video something incomprehensible!

I’ll probably record more video, like the ones that I was recording of taking Bub to the park and on walks playing Pokemon Go, when this pandemic is over with… whenever that is. Although I acknowledge that the protests were (and are) necessary to affect change, I can also see that they have contributed to the localized spikes in some areas of it in some states, and have even raised the infection rate of some states as a whole.

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