I’ve gotten back into scheduling some posts here.

A partial retcon of previous posts: I can see myself happily dating a Satanist that affiliated with The Satanic Temple (or had no formal “affiliation” at all) regardless of whether or not they do ritual, and how much, because of the things that we would already have in common. I guess the only straw that might break the camel’s back is if they required that someone engage in ritual with them at a certain frequency and could not be fulfilled with or happy in a relationship that did not meet that frequency(, although I honestly can not see this happening with anyone affiliating with The Satanic Temple and would like to come out and say as much). But I would probably be happier dating a Satanist that either had no formal affiliation, or affiliated with The Satanic Temple, than one that was formally affiliated with the Church of Satan because there would be a lot less disagreement there, as I’ve addressed in previous posts. I don’t want to feel like I’m a potential number to convert to someone’s side. I’ve already had that happen once, and once is too much.

In the interim, I’ve taken to finding a different way to organize the necklace collection that I’ve gotten… over the years, even though wearing them is a challenge since I have bad enough skin allergies to the point that things discolor my skin. When I’ve taken copious amounts of Benadryl and am on prednisone though, the effect is less. Ironically, that is something that I’ve noticed. So why not exploit those time periods a little bit?

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