A stopped clock is right twice a day, right?

It may have taken our state governor forever to authorize this, but… now SNAP recipients are allowed to use SNAP for curbside pickup with certain retailers, and now they can even order online with two large retailers if they get SNAP anywhere in the state. And it may have been authorized as a direct result of the pandemic, but I am still appreciative of the fact that it was even done. Up until recently, this was never even an option, and only select (mainly Democratic-led) states permitted one, maybe both, things to be done with SNAP funds. But at the end of the day, barring the whole “a stopped clock is still right twice a day” clause, I still have absolutely no respect for my state governor — or the President that we still sadly have, for that matter.

Respect is earned, not given. I don’t have to respect people who have not earned it. I will not be “made” to.

In other news, I may utilize this and begin ordering at least some of our groceries online. That would help…

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