The Myka Stauffer “re-homing” drama, continued.

First of all, I’m going to come out and say that I’m glad that more and more companies are dropping her as an advertiser. She literally re-homed her child (yes, adopted or not, he is — was — her child) like he was a pet. She absolutely should face repercussions for this, especially because she tried to hide it for so long and then responded to it by not responding to it and then deleted all pictures of him from her Instagram account.

But what I actually came here to write about: it later came out after all of this came out that she stopped Huxley’s ABA therapy (that’s a completely separate post that I cam get into, my thoughts on ABA) and therapy services, probably because actually having an autistic child — even though she had the finances and the means to be able to care for him, and knew exactly what she was getting into adopting him (I continue to call bullshit on her “not knowing what they were getting into”, as Chinese children can only be adopted by United States citizens if they have disabilities to prevent what are called “tourist adoptions”) — was too much of an inconvenience for her. But if the reason that she actually “re-homed” him was because he had severe behavioral concerns and safety was a concern, there were things that she could actually have done to keep him safe that did not involve relinquishing her parental rights, such as a stay in a group home for whatever length of time was deemed appropriate for the circumstances, or even institutionalization (again, don’t get me started on my feelings on that, but it would probably have been better than this if the proper facility was selected). There is also respite care, which is offered by a lot of insurance companies, or she could even have paid for it out of pocket with the money that she had been making as a YouTuber with the sponsors that she had had before they had dropped her for this. But she shot herself in the fucking foot.

Basically: there was so much more that she could have done before she actually did what she did here.

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