I don’t think that I’ve ever actually told this story…

Not here, anyways.

When I was a senior in high school, me and a group of friends actually kept a freshman from committing suicide by jumping off of the art building (chances are high that he would actually have… succeeded).

After seeing that he had actually climbed up there and began shouting that he was going to jump, which eventually drew the attention of everyone in the cafeteria that morning — you could see the art building from the cafeteria because it was… adjacent to it in a peculiar way — and seeing that everyone in the cafeteria with the exception of us was going to start chanting, “Jump! Jump! Jump!”, my friends and I knew that we had to summon help in the form of an adult so that he wouldn’t actually jump. The nearest adult that I knew we could find was the student activities director whose office was in the cafeteria on the stage, so my friends and I literally pushed our way through the growing crowd of students to get to her (mind, this was not a small school, so we probably pushed our way through the equivalent of a small mosh pit, a thousand or so students by that point), and as luck would have it, she was actually in her office, and we could tell her what was going on. She immediately stepped out of her office, saw the students practically cramming themselves against the glass of the cafeteria wall nearest where they could see this kid standing on the top of the art building, still chanting at him to jump, knew that we weren’t pulling her leg, and called the front office to tell them that they needed to call emergency services and why all of this was necessary.

Not long after, some of them pulled up by that side of the school and some of them climbed up there with him. This poor kid literally tried as hard as he could to get away from them and jump off of the building — we’re talking, he literally tried to drag himself out of their grip at several points, and we saw them sedate him at one point — but they did succeed in getting him down and keeping him from hurting himself. And we eventually found out that we were the only students who told an actual adult what was going on, which meant that if we hadn’t, he might actually have successfully jumped from the building. Out of a school with slightly more than two thousand students with approximately a thousand of them in the cafeteria at that time, only maybe six actually did the right thing summoning aid so that this student would not hurt himself.

Needless to say, a lot of students got to their first period classes late, but given what went on, there was reason for it. My reason was, well… I actually helped keep one of the school’s students from killing himself.

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