I wonder how well that works out for these people.

Well, I’m burning out on Animal Crossing in that I need to take a break from it. I expected that.

I am also laughing at the fact that I will soon have another screenshot of someone blocking me to add to my collection, because a state bishop actually blocked me after he started some shit on his Twitter page about how “Catholicism is the one true religion” (don’t these bishops all do this?) and I began talking in a reply thread with a fellow dissenter about how Bub’s father’s family literally made me attend Masses with them against my will — I’ve mentioned this here, though — and I began bringing my PSP with me to these Masses to play hidden on mute in the arm of my sweater, because as stated, I literally did not want to come to any of these church functions. I guess really religious people do not like to have it thrown in their face, even civilly, when aggressive evangelism results in adults being coerced, or forced, into doing things that they state to their then-significant others after the culmination of every one of these events that they do not want to do, or participate in, just to be told “my mother says that I have to pick you up and that you have to come to these”. I wonder how well that worked out for him — oh, wait. It didn’t. Not even remotely like you thought.

I love how these people can dish it but can’t take it… their apologetics game isn’t strong at all.

Do they think that “with enough exposure”, or “with enough immersion”, someone who has never believed in the existence of a supernatural who literally does not want to attend any of these events is suddenly going to go “oh, I see it now! You’ve been right all along” short of saying that out of coercion or fear and not authentically believing it? Well, that is not how this works. That is not how any of this works. I’m telling you.

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