It all seems to be a matter of control here…

It always seems to impress (Christian, religious) apologists whenever someone who was formerly atheist, or non-religious, converts to their religion, but it always seems to anger them, or incense them, when someone refuses “the call to conversion”, does not want to convert “in the face of evidence”, or turns from being someone that was particularly religious to someone that is no longer religious. I’ve become equal parts amused and worried by that as the years have gone on, although I would have to say that the “worried” part of it comes along more when it is men in positions of power exhibiting anger or feelings of incense or ire. It’s like their playbook, or rule book, doesn’t have a section in it for these kind of people — the “feel-good people” that “find God” or who “see the evidence before them”. And a lot of them actually say that “God has a plan for everyone,” and that “God will eventually call you to (church of their choice)”, so these are the very same kind of people who get angry when you continually reject their “call to conversion”, do not convert to the religion of their choice and… don’t come back to convert to their religion. They get even angrier when you speak out against it and do advocacy against the religion in question, or in my case, organized theistic religion as a whole. Maybe that’s why me finding Satanism when I did happened when it did. That’s not bad.

I can get behind the George Floyd protests, and even the riots, even though as a parent to two children who would be devastated if something happened to me I am neither actively protesting nor rioting (at least two people have actually lost eyes in these protests/riots alone, one being a journalist, and that’s frightening to simply type out… like, who thinks it’s a good idea to shoot someone’s eye out during one of these?!). I think I would make a good medic, though. Seriously. Police men need to stop killing black men. I hope to see these protests and these riots change the face of that, and for black men to stop dying at the hands of police men.

Especially in this country. Where it seems to be the only major problem, along with… oh, lack of gun control.

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