This isn’t an entirely bad thing, actually. I mean…

I have joined the “esteemed” ranks of those who are blocked on both of Onision’s Twitter accounts.

He’s gone back to his fake “positivity”, so he’s blocking anyone who dissents with him or brings up the fact that he and his spouse’s neglect of their daughter led to him falling through her second story window and cracking her skull on the driveway pavement in multiple places… which was something that should never under any circumstances have been allowed to happen. She should have been watched by at least one parent, her bedroom should have been structured window, and her window shouldn’t even have been possible to open, let alone open like it was in the time period leading up to this accident. But all of this actually happened (and how they still have custody of their children continues to boggle my mind), and it was an inconvenience to him because he had to escort her to the emergency room, where he proceeded to literally send a barrage of BDSM Tweets from his phone as she lay there in emergent services, hurt and in pain. His children mean nothing more to him than results of his actual impregnation fetish and a way for him to control his spouse and keep them around. The writing on the wall is clear to almost everyone at this point.

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