So atheistic satanism is actually a thing.

Truth be told, I’ve actually been looking into this for months, but I’ve had more time to look into it since we went into a global pandemic and have had to spend the better part of a month in quarantine. Over the course of my life I have never considered myself religious, but as the years have gone on I have seen my tolerance for religion (and the things that people have done, will do, and claim that they are willing to do in the name of it) progressively wane. I’ve also had the occasional friend who has self-identified as Satanist, which eventually got me looking more into it myself as the months went on and we had to socially distance, stay in our own homes, that sort of thing. My research began with the Church of Satan, which was (and is) the first federally and legally recognized church dedicated to atheistic Satanism. Truth be told, I don’t have anything against it, and if it were the only federally and legally recognized Satanist church I probably would have joined that one. But as I began to look further into Satanism, I eventually found The Satanic Temple, in no small part due to the friends that I would continue to make over social networking, especially those who said that their practice and tenets better fit how they lived their lives and viewed Satanism. As I came to read more about it, I came to agree with that myself. In addition to being a legally recognized religion, they also do leftist political activism, which is something that I do as an activist and advocate. I thought that them putting up Baphomet statues where and when Christians put up Ten Commandment statues was fair and fitting, and I am an extremely big supporter of the Protect Children Project and “After School Satan” (meant to counter the “Good News Club”, which is an after-school Christian… program of sorts many schools have).

So now I am an official member of The Satanic Temple, and I am looking into chapters.

The nearest chapter is several hours from me, so I am deliberating that one. I haven’t formally decided yet.

But this is a religious organization that does good, stands for good, and stands against theistic religion.

I really see nothing wrong with any of this given my detest for (Abrahamic), theistic religion. I honestly don’t.

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