What you can do, I can do… better, or weirder.

One would think that merely ascribing to the tenets of atheistic satanism would be enough to make most people happy, but apparently it’s not. It’s as though there are competing factions, and getting more people to “pledge loyalty” to one or the other is a “prize to be won”, and that’s not something that I want very much (if anything at all) to do with. I chose the one that fell the most in line with the views that I already had, which I thought you were supposed to do with religion anyway, which is ironic because I didn’t choose an Abrahamic, theistic religion for that reason… you know, ones where you sometimes “have” to follow rules that you don’t agree with or see eye-to-eye on, and in some cases you have to confess your “sins” to a priest before you can be allowed to take the Eucharist, at least if you want to retain good standing within that denomination. So far, atheistic satanism just works with me because that is how I live my life anyway. There literally is no extra effort. And the fact that The Satanic Temple is so left-leaning is just an added bonus, heh.

One of the things that continues to bother me about religion is the fact that the one “character” in it that literally questions things is the one that is literally demonized in it. You are supposed to fear and rebuke this character. Very few people seem to put the pieces together on this due to an almost blind allegiance to it…

Not being allowed to question your deity, especially the Old Testament God, doesn’t sit right with me at all.

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