IRS, your ableism. It is really showing here now.

We continue not to have gotten our economic stimulus payment (“Corona check”), or… whatever people are calling it. The “non-filers”, or people who normally don’t have to file taxes, haven’t even been gotten to yet, and it is really showing. The fact that you can’t even call these people to inquire about the status of your payment, or even your eligibility (since the “Get My Payment” tool is not working as well as it should for most people) is appalling for something that should have begun to roll out without this many hitches in the middle of April. There are things that I had begun to plan to buy with that money that I can’t buy with that money until, well, I have it in my hand (or my bank account), and being far from the only one that has not received their stimulus payment or any word on when they might get it is even more appalling. But the IRS can continue to post about this on their Facebook and Twitter accounts, which makes the whole thing absurd.

This is all I keep getting right now, and it’s frustrating. I filled out the non-filer form on the tenth. Jesus Christ.

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