I have had one busy day, but now I’m done!

I’ve managed to upgrade my phone, now that it’s arrived. That was one lovely call to customer service now that Virgin Mobile was… uh, absorbed (swallowed) by Boost Mobile, but I can tolerate it. Now I have a phone that will continue to update operating systems, runs faster, has more space, and is better overall, so it should last me several years. The case should get to the house soon, and then I will be done with… that for awhile…

I am also in possession of my bulletproof glass knuckles! They are a more affordable alternative to brass knuckles, and as I’ve mentioned, completely legal in my state of residence. The best self-defense tools are the ones that you never have to use, but if any circumstance should arise where I need to defend myself or my loved ones from the threat of harm, I want to have as many tools at my disposal as possible that work with the self-defense training that I have actually had. These are light, but they’ll definitely get the job done.

I am honestly surprised at myself for not considering adding them to my arsenal much, much sooner.

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