I went and started a whole conversation, go me.

When certain friends of mine found out that I was… needing to add to my self-defense arsenal (due to not having more than two things in it), they really began to make suggestions, and the whole thing took off. Now I have the bulletproof glass version of brass knuckles, which are surprisingly a lot more affordable and durable than their actual brass knuckle counterparts, which recently became legal to own in my state. I also have an actual machete, because several of my friends were… extremely excited about the idea of one of those given how I’ve been trained to defend myself. Every single new thing that I have now is completely legal to own in my state of residence, even though the laws that made them legal are surprisingly recent.

Naturally, I also keep them in places in my room where I can quickly access them, but not the kids. Duh…

I feel a bit like Stella at the moment, in a very peculiar way. Shame I couldn’t find a better picture though.

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