I mean, this doesn’t actually surprise me but…

It honestly seems like Discord administrators themselves (and I’m talking the global ones here) don’t seem to care about the rules that they have, because when I reported someone for being under the age that you are supposed to be to legally use the chat service, they didn’t actually do anything about it when I gave them concrete proof that the user was beneath the age of thirteen. This user decided to come back to the channel that I participate in on Discord and begin chatting again, which, as of the time that I saw him on it, effectively killed the entire conversation at the time that he attempted to participate. Even though this rule is in place due to COPPA, why even bother having the rule that you have to be thirteen years of age or older to use Discord if you’re not actually going to enforce the rule that… well, you have to be thirteen years of age or older to use Discord? It makes no sense. Make it make sense, Discord. Really now. The rule is fairly useless.

I was going to write about something else here, but then I wanted to bring this up before I actually forgot to.

Normally, it’s supposed to be a bannable offense when a user too young attempts to use Discord to chat.

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