Our PS4’s external hard drive has finally arrived!

Now all I have to do is download the games that we had put into storage due to lack of space onto it, which will probably take… the better portion of a day, and we’ll have everything downloaded that we actually own. With where our PlayStation 4 is at in the house, it’s not particularly close to the router, even though we do have an extender now which has made download times better than they used to be in the past. So I am thankful for that, even though they have almost never been “lightning fast” or even extremely fast. Sigh…

I also found out that my optometrist does not currently take the Medicaid HMO that I had to switch over to, which means that for the sake of convenience and ensuring that I am able to see properly I had to find an optometrist around here that does, so I will be seeing them this week. Apparently they had been bought out by… someone else, something else, I don’t know, so they have to renew contracts with everyone, and I didn’t want to have to wait an extra several months to see if they would renew the contract that they had with my current Medicaid HMO, so a new optometrist it is, I suppose. At least I like my current glasses enough to keep those frames. In case Bub ever inadvertently headbutts me, we’ve already confirmed that they are durable!

Meanwhile, I continue to do poorly on the inhaled powder steroid that I am on for my asthma.

I suspect that “given enough time”, I will officially “fail” this, and be able to switch back to Pulmicort.

Being on powdered mometasone seems to be taking my lungs back to the days of… several years ago, almost seriously, when I was flaring a lot more frequently and severely and could literally walk through my house at a brisk pace (or to the mailbox and get the mail at that same brisk pace) and seriously get winded. Now I’m doing that as a result of having been on mometasone for nearly a month, adherent to the schedule of inhaling one powdered inhalation from the container twice daily. I don’t want to be back to this, but here we are. With any luck I can get placed back on Pulmicort. Seriously. It’s really ironic that the Wikipedia article for it states, “Specifically it is used to prevent rather than treat asthma attacks.”, because in me, it has actually been causing more of them lately, and this has coincided with me beginning this med regimen…

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