I have finally maxed this thing out with RAM!

Although both of the sticks of RAM that are in here are 8GB, maxing it out in terms of that being the most that the processor can… take (and that simplifying the entire explanation down, I know), they aren’t of the same “speed”, but this is a net increase in the computer’s overall speed, so I am satisfied with that and will gladly “take that”, as the Generation Z kids say. Now all I have to do is fix the peculiar problems that have emerged whenever I put my camcorder’s memory card into the port that this computer has for it so that I can resume uploading videos to our YouTube channel, as that wasn’t even remotely a problem until… now, when it decided to become a problem out of the blue, and I suppose that will be two less headaches for me out of the abundance of headaches that I get per calendar year, which for me is no shortage of headaches. Migraines. (Or should I be saying “are no shortage of headaches”? How does one word that? I’m not sure.)

With any luck, I should be able to see my neurologist soon enough now that the referral that I needed to get to continue seeing him at his new practice should… be there. I’ll be calling about that to inquire about the status of that since I had to see my primary care doctor to get another one sent his way (“yes, same doctor, new practice… and I had to change my Medicaid HMO, so here’s that information”), and as soon as I am able to actually make an appointment to see him, will do that. I’ll let him know which medications I’m on work, which of them seem to need their doses adjusted, and which of them no longer seem to be working. For me, it honestly does not seem like triptans work. The goal is “to be in as little of pain as possible, if none at all,” and although I am well aware that the diagnosis of chronic, intractable migraine disorder probably means that the “if none at all” bit… isn’t actually going to happen short of a medical miracle, I know that I shouldn’t settle for pain, and that I should continue to advocate for myself when certain medications that I am on or take as needed do not appear to be working as intended. And with triptans, you can really tell if they’re not working. That’s along the lines of “I had to give myself the second dose two hours after the first right down to the minute, gave myself the third dose the next day, predictably maxed myself out for the week, and this has become a pattern with several triptans at varying doses”. Some migraineurs need medication that lasts longer and provides more thorough coverage. It me. I’m one of those migraineurs. It comes with the territory.

At some point soon, I may make a list of which medications I’m currently on… work, and which ones do not.

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