Neurological medications that I am currently on.

Since I mentioned this in a previous post, I thought that I would get around to making that whole list.

Right now, I do not feel like triptans help out a whole lot, and would like to switch to low-dose narcotics at some point. Due to the severity of my asthma, I can not safely take any NSAIDs without risking prednisone.

I also require prior authorization for Trokendi and for some of my triptans (it seems Zomig requires it now).

Maintenance medications
Trokendi, 300mg: Anything with topiramate as the active ingredient is almost never without side effects, as I have learned. I take these (200mg + 100mg) at night, which lessens the side effects, and that helps… a bit.

Abortive medications
Fioricet: I find that this one works the best, although one dose is never enough.
Imitrex injections: These are rife with side effects, so I only use these when necessary.
Olanzapine, single dose: These help with really severe migraines, but they make me really tired.
Promethazine/tizanidine: These are for nausea and muscle spasm, respectively, and they are to be taken with whatever abortive medication that I give myself as necessary for each of those symptoms (and they generally are with severe migraines). Although I am growing more tolerant of them, I’m still hit out of the blue with the occasional side effect of tiredness. However, they do help ameliorate those specific symptoms, so…
Zomig dissolvable melt/nasal spray: I have to fight insurance due to prior authorizations on these, and they do help when I can’t give myself Fioricet, but they are not particularly good at ameliorating a lot of the pain.

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