Well, these are new and interesting developments.

For some reason, Discord and f.lux aren’t starting when this computer boots up.

I’ve come to notice that, and I would like them to. I’m not sure if this is because they’ve updated and… something was changed along the way that would have caused them not to start up when the computer does, because this computer is not that old, but I’ll look into it and see if I can fix that problem. I looked into CCleaner to see if that would tell me anything, and surprisingly, all it told me was that they are no longer starting up when this computer starts up. Pot, meet kettle. Obvious cat, meet obvious cat. Thanks for that.

And for some reason, when I go to put my memory card into the slot that this computer has for those, I can’t pull the video that I’ve taken off of it with my camcorder (which I’ve normally had no problem doing) to put on the YouTube account that I’ve been… well, trying to get going. It absolutely mucks up the video portion of the video. And I am, again, not sure at all what would actually be causing this. Like I just said, I’ve been having absolutely no problem pulling the video files off of the memory card up until this point. Now I am…

I’m not even sure what gives right now, but I mean, at least this computer is stable in the fact that it works.

Is it not sad, given my history with this… tetchy computer, that I am happy for that? That I settle for that?

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