I didn’t think he’d like this, but…

Since Final Fantasy X-2 has been said by many to be a “girl’s game” (although, to be honest, I don’t really think it is), I didn’t think that Bub would like it as much as he did. But I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Bub liked Final Fantasy X-2 as much as he did the game that came before it — so much, actually, that we have the same problem that we do with its predecessor, that we own multiple copies of it and I need to figure out which copies we can pawn or sell while maintaining enough copies to have spares in case consoles malfunction or otherwise stop working. (And as a child, I remember a family friend getting me this game for Christmas, just to open the game on Christmas day and see that it had been tampered with, that the game disc had been removed and an AOL disc had been placed there instead. Apparently someone working for the store had tampered with all of the new games that they could get away with, because multiple people were bringing games back for the exact same reason. My parents had to give the game cartridge back to my friend’s mother so that she could turn it back in and I could get a copy of the game.)

Not only did I love the game, but Bub loved it too! He didn’t have a clear favorite character, but he loved collecting dressspheres with me, and we did manage to collect all of them in one go and score a high enough completion percentage of the game to bring Tidus back. That was all I cared about, quite frankly.

At one point in the future I may replay it just to take on this game’s Ultima Weapon, just to do it myself.

Having equipped my Bub for the final boss battle, it was almost pathetically easy to defeat the whole thing.

This was a personal favorite of mine for the “girl power” thing, though. You don’t often see that in video games, so to see that in a game was really refreshing, and it really made playing it worth the while for me.

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