Like with Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy X has been a game that we have come back to numerous times over the years because it has been such a staple in Bub’s gaming history. Hilariously, this is also probably the game that we own the most copies of — we’ve gotten it whenever it has come out on what has then been the newest console at the time because this is one of the games that calms Bub down the most when he is melting down, so we have copies of it ranging from the PlayStation 2 all the way to the Nintendo Switch. (I may need to do something about that in the form of pawning or selling older copies, but not so many that if a console breaks down, we’re left unable to play the game in the event that he does melt down. So I need to think about which consoles are the most advantageous to keep a spare copy of the game on…)

Predictably, his favorite character was Auron. He used to walk around the house with one arm hanging in his shirt emulating Auron, and occasionally I still catch him doing it, usually around the time we’ve replayed the game. It’s adorable! And whenever I don’t quite know where he was at in the house, playing “Otherworld” loud enough for him to hear it almost always gets him to come out and in my general direction. I usually play The Black Mages’ version of it because it’s a household favorite. I’m a fan of The Black Mages.

I actually had Monster crawling to “Maybe I’m A Lion” when he was a baby! I remember that with fondness!

But equipping my Bub each time has made it progressively easier to defeat Braska’s Final Aeon, I swear…

This is one of the few games that I can’t think of a single thing about it that I dislike, seriously. I mean that.

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