Bubby fon Ronsenburg for… whatever!

As I’ve stated in previous posts, one of the promises that I made years ago was that as long as Bub wanted to play them with me, I was willing to play all of the Final Fantasies that I had with him working our way up to present day. At the time, the oldest Final Fantasy that we had was six, although between them and present day, we did acquire five, so we will eventually go back and play that once we are done with the one that we are on right now. (I’ve heard a lot of good things about it — there isn’t a bad Final Fantasy game out there, even though some of them do have things that could have been improved on — so would never turn down one in that I would refuse to play it, although I wouldn’t shy away from pointing out the flaws in any game if asked.) So far, we’ve played Final Fantasy XII on both the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch.

Can you guess another game that makes Bub really happy and calms down meltdowns? Can you?

Hint: he has the actual nickname of “Bubby fon Ronsenburg” and his favorite character is Basch.

Quite frankly, Final Fantasy XII is one of my all-time favorite Final Fantasies. Not only has Bub’s face lit up several times as we have played it together, but it has one of the most amazing and well put-together casts that I’ve ever seen (and, I mean, Final Fantasies always have good casts in general, but this one took the cake for me), an amazing story, and everything just flows so smoothly that before you know it, the game is almost over because progression is seamless. Every character fits into the plot and the story, and no one’s there “just because”. There’s an equal proportion of story progression and you being able to wander around, level up, and do optional sub-quests at your leisure. I can see why Bub likes this game as much as he does.

There is literally nothing bad about this game that I can see from any level. That has to say something.

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