Another great game by Square-Enix.

Final Fantasy has been knocking it out of the park crafting games that don’t really have anything wrong with them lately. And I know that I’ve been… saying it a lot lately, but of all of the games that we play on a regular basis, this was another one that had so much going for it that I couldn’t really think of anything wrong with it. Some people may complain about how linear Final Fantasy XIII was and use that against it, but playing games with an autistic child, I’ve come to appreciate linear games more and more now — they’re harder to get lost in, so it’s easier to appreciate the story in, and you can focus more on things like making sure that your characters are better equipped for battles. And that was definitely one thing that we took advantage of while playing this game. Since getting lost was not really something that we had to worry about, I could pay more attention on making sure that our characters were as ready as they were ever going to be for boss battles. Because let me tell you, coming by in-game currency was actually probably the most difficult thing in this game, although it was not outright impossible. You just had to manage your currency a bit better than in other games, where you could just grind monster after monster and have enough after awhile to splurge if you were a bit patient. Or patient enough. Because it really depends on the specific game itself, let me say.

Bub’s favorite character was clearly the chocobo that hung out in Sazh’s hair.

My favorite character in the Final Fantasy XIII franchise should be incredibly obvious.

This was a game where “characters coming together for a common cause, and not all of them knew each other,” really worked, as did the “us against the world,” trope without it actually turning into a trope. I’m actually glad that this turned into a trilogy, and this game played so well that it advanced without turning into long, boring hours spent grinding or going from one place or the next. Soon enough, you were halfway through the game, and then before you know it, as the plot was progressing and you were learning more about each character and the plot, you were nearing the end, then at the end. And the world was saved…

This was also another one where Bub and I walked up to the entire boss without knowing that it was actually the final boss. But because I had equipped my Bub, we kind of… waltzed on her (well, he did), managed to defeat the entire boss in fifteen minutes, realized that it was actually the final boss, and then I swear that I wanted to actually die laughing once the end scenes began to roll and I realized what we had actually done. We have a habit of walking up to final bosses without realizing that we’ve done so, and as long as my Bub is equipped, screwing them up. It’s in our nature as long as we tag-team them together…

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