Post-sepsis syndrome is a whole mood, folks.

Healing from septic shock is a whole process, and not one I would wish on anyone.

Right now I am dealing with the ingratiating tiredness, especially as it pervades my mornings. When I feel this way, naps aren’t refreshing and they tend not to help. Caffeine doesn’t help either, even though I am a frequent connoisseur of a bit of it every day. I start feeling less tired as the afternoon approaches, and by night time for the most part I feel how I suppose I should have felt in the mornings. It’s also ingratiating because there are things that I want to do, to get done, that I have to slog through with every bit of me or put off because I know I’m too tired to do them. But I know that the alternative would have been me not being here, and so I am exceedingly thankful to be alive, even though sometimes I feel like I got hit by a truck.

I’m having my engagement and wedding ring (little known fact: I was married to my oldest son’s father) recast, because the alloy in my previous ring caused me to have allergic reactions whenever I tried to wear it, and constantly coating it with clear nail polish to make it wearable was onerous and didn’t quite work.

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