There are just no words for any of this.

At some point, I need to change some of what is in the About Me pages that I have up on here… especially with the information that I’ve found out about ancestors of mine and what Genomelink has revealed to me in terms of ancestry. But given what has been in the news so much these past few days alone, I’m not going to.

I am getting ready to resume streaming for real this time! The second monitor that I got the gaming computer has been coming along smoothly, and it’s been fairly easy to set the things I want to set up on it to make switching panels as seamless as it can be for someone who trips over things as often as I do. I am considering upgrading the webcam to one that a lot of streamers use, and possibly getting a keypad that I’ve seen a lot of streamers use. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the keypad, so I guess we’ll just see.

I also have a few content creation organizations interested in me, and one has asked me if I’ll join their team.

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