Okay, some of this might not be quite so surprising.

Okay, first things first. For those who don’t already know, I submitted my raw DNA to Genomelink because I’ve heard a lot of good things about its accuracy… and it revealed that I have a bit of Ashkenazi Jewish DNA on my mother’s side, which wasn’t surprising. I have trace Sephardic DNA on my dad’s mom’s side as well, and it seems like many of them converted to Mormonism when they migrated to the United States. Through the Ancestry tree that a friend of mine was kind enough to make for me on his paid account so that I could explore… holes, I was able to find where the Jewish DNA came from, as it was my last great-grandmother (from that generation upward) who came to the United States as Hitler and his men were ascending to power. She married a man in Indiana, had a child, and died when that child was only four years old. Given my own health problems, that doesn’t surprise me… but I was, and am, uncomfortable finding that out. The daughter-in-law that she never got a chance to meet also died at thirty-nine years of age, which made those matters a bit worse. I’m really starting to see where in the family tree I inherited my health problems.

I am still waiting for a referral to a cardiologist to be processed by my primary care physician and my insurance. In the interim, I am still on The Medication From Hell, which is surprisingly… not quite so much from Hell, although it does cause me to randomly cough. I haven’t had a single “asthma attack” since starting it, though. So things are exactly how I had initially thought they were, back when I had to fight to get that referral even though I have family history of early-onset, severe heart disease (or problems, heh).

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