I’m going to need to come up with a tag for this.

For the people who are still… paying attention to this drama (what else would you call it, though? other than an attempt to deplatform a predator from a site that minors are legally allowed to use), the convicted pedophile has spent the better portion of two days trying to convince someone to call in another well check to his local police department. This was an abrupt change from his mocking said police department, especially as it related to them doing their job and performing the one well check that we know to have happened. Naturally, everyone who’s been involved in the attempts to deplatform this predator saw his sudden change of mind for exactly what it was — his attempt to trick the Omaha PD into coming back to his home to ambush them or attempt to shoot them out. The word was subsequently spread to everyone that these concerns needed to be communicated to his local police department as it related to any future interactions, that way they could avoid potential injury — or worse — by not doing well checks that they did not have to do, but also so that they can suitably protect themselves if circumstances left them no other choice but to do one. We’ve already confirmed that at least one well check has indeed taken place since the start of all of this, this man was told by name and alias who not to continue harassing, as was he told to stop writing grotesque detailed stories on Twitter about people’s children being abused or molested (or them doing the abusing or molesting to someone else’s children). It was a nice respite not to have to… deal with this man in my Mentions for a week as I was one of the people named, but sadly it only lasted a week before he resumed doing most of the things that got the well check done to begin with. But are any of us surprised?

On top of everything else that’s been going on with this though, this person (I’m trying hard not to name him to artificially inflate his ego knowing that it then becomes searchable, but will name him if necessary) has seen fit to make a “pro-choice” Twitter account, follow nearly everyone who is trying to deplatform him, and… I don’t even know how to describe it. At least well checks are being done for his mental health though.

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