I seriously do not get paid enough for this.

When it comes to the ban evading, convicted pedophile on Twitter that I’ve mentioned…

· a well check was indeed done on him by his local police department for the things he had been posting online, and he was explicitly told by name or alias who not to harass and to stop posting grotesque stories of people abusing or molesting their children or people’s children being abused or molested… he only complied with this for a week before getting right back to what he had been doing in the first place

· he made fun of his local police department at one point for actually coming out and performing the well check, and then made fun of police in general in a conversation about this (does this surprise anyone?)

· his Twitter account was locked for twelve hours for posting gratuitously violent images with no warning

He is now attempting to goad people into livestreaming or recording them calling his local police department in what seems to be a transparent attempt to get people’s Twitch and YouTube accounts banned under the false pretenses of doxxing. Never mind the fact that his identity, criminal conviction, and location were confirmed by his local police department doing at least one of these checks and there being no reason to doubt that as many people have called them or filed reports have done so… he just wants to start even more shit for the sake of starting shit. As the saying goes, I may have been born at night but it wasn’t last night.

Meanwhile, I continue to be pleased with the fact that his local police department is taking this more seriously than Twitter has and that they’ve done at least one of these checks so far. My concern was that it might have taken them a bit longer to get the ball rolling because so many of these concerns were voiced by people living in other states (and in one or two cases, other countries), so I’m glad that the concern of them taking too long to do anything or not doing it at all was put to rest. However, at one point amidst all of this he very clearly stated that he wanted to “execute (abortion providers)”, and I’m hoping that the seriousness of that statement alone was aptly conveyed to his local police department. I literally do not want to turn the local or national news on one day and find out this guy has made the news for pulling a loaded weapon out.

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