I should completely have expected this as well.

As should completely have been entirely expected (and man, was that fun to type), the convicted pedophile set up another Twitter account so that when the one he made in March invariably gets suspended for… him being a convicted pedophile on a site that minors aged thirteen to seventeen can use, he continues to have access to Twitter, and by “access to Twitter” I mean access to minors. This gets better by the minute, and by the minute I mean what I said at the start of this paragraph: I should have expected this since the beginning.

This is like Whack-a-Mole, except it is in almost an infuriating way. Lay people should not have to do this. Laws should already have been passed to bar certain offenders to access from sites, and situations, like these (beyond what convicted pedophiles are already not permitted to take part in as conditions to their release from prison after serving their sentence, something that I became familiar with having friends who work in law enforcement and asking them the right questions). But I do what I do to help keep sites safe for minors — teenagers — to use, because I’d want someone to be willing to do that for me if I were that age.

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