This is a job that I do not want to have to do.

The convicted pedophile that I’ve been mentioning was only banned from Tweeting, Retweeting (RTing?) and Liking posts for twelve hours in spite of the fact that this was his second offense on that account and he’s ban evading two suspensions. Make it make sense. I’ve been seeing about alerting his local ASPCA or animal control unit because he’s stated on more than one occasion that he has a Rottweiler he’s taught to bite women and will continue to work that up until, or unless, he is once again suspended from Twitter. People are continuing to mass report him and reach out to Elon Musk’s account, Twitter Safety, and Twitter Support in the hopes that they can actually get through to a human being who reads these things, do the right thing — what their TOS mandates they do — and suspend this person so that Twitter remains safe for minors to use. I’ve also reached out to people who knew of him on one of the accounts that he had, and had gotten suspended, because the more seems to be the merrier when it comes to containing this… I’m not even sure if I should call him dude. Monster? And keep him from terrorizing or triggering other people, which he really likes to do, until he’s suspended once more. The fact that Twitter has continued not to act is absurd.

It’s often court-ordered as a condition of release from prison that pedophiles not be allowed to participate in certain activities, and some of the more commonly ordered terms state that pedophiles are not to use social media, or use social media on sites that minors can access. I’ve been trying to have a LEO get to the bottom of this by contacting the pedophile’s county criminal justice unit, but the gears are grinding extremely slow there. (Grinding, winding… whatever.) A LEO, or law enforcement official, stands the greatest chance of being taken the most seriously with this inquiry on top of what will more than likely be a wellness check on this person’s dog because of his statements about who he’s taught it to bite. Sometimes I hate doing this…

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