I’m glad they’re back to the same old antics again.

Apparently if you Retweet a video that an actor in the Supernatural franchise has posted because you like the video, this sets off an entire chain of events whereby members of the fandom decide what “side” you’re on (do you “support” this person? are you “against?” this person?) and begin chainblocking you — as though they had never stopped in the first place — over this one thing. The seriousness to which these people take fandom, and some people take Retweeting (do you even capitalize that? someone let me know) or sharing a video that you like is more than absurd at this point. If it gets to the point — and it has gotten to the point — where I have to explain this to friends of mine that I grew up with, and they find it as awkward and weird as I am presently finding it, you’ve got a problem. We’ve got a problem. There is a problem. This is the problem.

I’d consider making a tag and naming it “fandom drama”, but I want to starve the beast, not feed it.

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